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Someone wanted to see the guy in Victorian clothing, and well.. Classical Portraity Thing Time?

Monocle Version

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Voldemort by awfulowafalo


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Templar ideology makes way more sense to me than Assassin ideology.

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(high res for crispiness) 

I wanted to take a stab at drawing a protrait of Corvo in the style of Delilah’s paintings but it didn’t really work haha.

Anyway, because of his name i always associate Corvo with crows and not rats? Especially low-chaos Corvo. So yeah i wish there was more crow related imagery lol. Crows everywhere. 

i worked so hard on this please love me 

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Bright Empty

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(via Selfportrait as a murderer by LordOrlando on deviantART)


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I try and I try. And you all betray me.